Thursday, September 13, 2018

Leopard Blazer

Dress here in black (similar dress here) | Blazer (also love this one)

Happy September and HAPPY FALL!! I realize it's not technically Fall yet, but the temperatures have dropped in DC and I'm planning to pull out all of my boots, cardis, and jackets this weekend! They are currently stored in our coat closet stuffed in the back corner of the rack to where I can't even see them. So, when I went to reach for a jacket this morning, I had to shift the entire rack just to reach that far back! The dream of having a huge closet... one day, y'all, ONE DAY!!

Anyways, as much as I struggle with the cold weather, it is one of my absolute favorite times of year for fashion! This entire look is from Zara, which is one of my favorite spots to shop this time of year! They kill it with their Fall/Winter pieces. Chic, affordable, and super on trend. I am linking a few similar options to this look below as well!

Keeping all of you in Hurricane Florence's path in my prayers! Luckily, it looks like it's headed south of DC now, so fingers crossed we are in the clear! Stay safe and lots of love to each of you!! XO


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