Monday, February 26, 2018

Black, White, And Blue

Jacket | Tank | Similar skirt here

How was your weekend? It was nasty and rainy here most of the weekend minus the few hours the rain stopped yesterday afternoon allowing us to shoot this look! We didn't do much, and it was so nice! I was not even planning to shoot this outfit this weekend, until I saw this jacket on Saturday while I was out running errands and immediately snatched it up! I had no idea how I would style it, but my first thought was that it would be perfect to pair with some black pants for the office. After I got home, I went to hang it up in my closet and spotted this baby blue leather mini that I've actually had for quite awhile (from Zara way back in the day) and I knew it was the perfect combo. The black and white contrast against the blue is a favorite of mine! This color blue is one that you'll see me wearing nonstop over the next few months. I tend to gravitate so much towards this color when the temperatures begin to rise! Wishing you a great start to your week! XO


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