Friday, July 14, 2017

#NSale Early Access Beauty Picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Early Access Beauty Picks
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

If there's anything you buy from the Nordstrom sale, it should definitely be some beauty items. You truly get your bang for your buck here! A few personal favorites of mine from above are numbers two, six, seven, eight, ten, and twelve. Those are all products that I use daily! Last year, I purchased the NeuLash duo for the first time during the anniversary sale, and I am just now finishing my second tube of it. It is a product that has truly helped my lashes grow SO much, and the price for the two tubes during the sale is such a great buy! If I had to choose only one item to purchase from the list above - that would seriously be it! You get a full size tube and a travel size! Also, two other buys that I did not include above are this candle set and this candle set. Diptyque candles smell amazing and in my opinion are so chic! With this little set, you get to try so many different scents! Also, I usually buy a few boxes of these Voluspa candles to have on hand for whenever I am in a pinch for a hostess gift! Seriously, you'll thank me later! They make such a nice gift, and you can stash them in your cabinet for any last minute needs when it comes to a birthday happy, housewarming happy, or a thank you to the host for any dinner party! Wishing you all a great weekend ahead!! XO


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