Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Beauty Talk

Finally, one of my favorite topics... let's talk beauty! I have a slight addiction to watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, and I have always loved trying new products. My two favorite brands (if I had to choose only two) would probably be Nars and Laura Mercier. However, it depends on what products we're talking about, because when it comes to lipstick - Tom Ford will forever have my heart in that department! So, I should probably take back the previous sentence, but you know what I mean... you love one brand for eyeshadow, one for lipstick, and another for mascara. I could keep going on and on!! I mean I should probably throw Urban Decay in there, too, as I can't live without my Naked 2 palette. And, let's not leave out my favorite drugstore foundation by L'Oreal! Recently, I have been trying some of the products from Marc Jacobs and not only is the packaging gorgeous, but I have not been disappointed at all!

Marc Jacobs Air Blush (in the shade "Night Fever & Hot Stuff"): The color may look frightening and super bold. However, if you use light strokes, this blush gives off a gorgeous slightly pink, luminous glow on your cheeks! And, the packaging is fabulous!!

Chanel Chance: Buddy's favorite scent, and my favorite scent for date night! It is a little bold for me for day time, but I am always reaching for it for a night out.

Chanel Le Volume Mascara: My co-worker talked me into getting this mascara and now I am hooked! I have had a problem with Chanel mascaras drying out too quickly in the past, but I have to say a tube of this one usually lasts me 3 months at least! I am super picky with my mascara, and this one is great at lengthening my lashes and providing volume, all without the clumps! Give it a try! I feel like with most mascaras, you know right from the start if you love it or hate it... and this one has become a staple for me.

ChloƩ Rollerball: Hands down, this scent will always be my favorite! I have the full size bottle on my vanity, and I always keep a travel size in my makeup case.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (in the shade "Vanilla"): I just recently purchased this, and I keep it in my purse to touch up at the end of the work day to make me look alive if I am headed somewhere straight from the office. I use my fingertips to massage it in, and it always gives me some life/makes me look awake! One of my new favorites!!

Nars Velvet Lip Glide (in "Bound"): You've heard me rave about this before, but it is truly the perfect everyday pinky/nude lip color. The consistency is what I love most about it. It's not too matte, but it's not too glossy.

Tory Burch: I got this little size as a Sephora reward, and I love how clean and fresh this scent smells. I switch between this and my Chloe bottle each day, as they both aren't too heavy for the office!

Tom Ford Lip Color: The best!! I love the gorgeous black and gold packaging, as it just feels so luxe each time I put it on. The shade "Pink Adobe" has been my favorite for years. However, they recently discontinued it, but I have found "Pink Dusk" to be similar in color. Also, I love the shade "Flamingo" for Spring!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any beauty related questions! We are headed to Mississippi today, and I am SO excited! I cannot wait to see my nieces and nephews and get in lots of Auntie time... it's truly the best! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!! XO

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